My story, Part VII. Be the client. Pharma and Web

The adventures are time boxed. They give you so much energy and take the same amount out of you.

In 2017 I was headhunted by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Teva attracted me with warm attitude and broad scope of work. So I decided to explore the web development and pharma industries together.

My start was during the period of assimilation of Actavis by Teva (note: those were two big competitors in the pharmaceutical industry). Again an acquisition. While Actavis was technological oriented as culture and image, Teva in opposite was people oriented. Still we needed strong internal optimization and external consolidation.

My experienced started with the introduction of a new web development platform. The management selected a Bulgarian software development outsourcing partner, so I experienced again the outsourcing, this time from the client side.

As usual my focus and role are in optimizing the organization. Working with numerous business owners worldwide I also took care to promote the platform expansion with the concept of platform-of-platforms.

When talking about this experience, an acquaintance of mine said: you are now the client! She is leading the R&D of a big automotive manufacturing supplier and with this exclamation helped me realize how close are the management and the client perspective. So indeed in this phase of my life, I am the client of the life and I feel responsible to expand the conceptions I find useful and creative in my business reality.

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