Economy of Teams™

The Economy of Teams™ is an organizational theory that focuses on company performance. Most organizations nowadays have a hidden potential that waits to be easily enlocked.

Despite working together, the focus is always on individuals: rockstars, and pools of people (!) Still the magic is in team work

Rockstars rock within their natural network. The rockstar within his network is more powerful than the individual alone. In other words:

1 + 1 > 2

This is the investment you need for a stable company growth.

The Economy of Teams™ emphazes: The naturally formed teams builds a stable organization and accept optimized business processes ONLY.

To benefit from this hidden power, you need to embrace its mission:

Mission of The Economy of Teams™ : Increase the Teams value in the business world.

The micro climate created by such teams is characterized with:

  • high morale
  • high efficiency and commitment
  • creative future oriented mindset

The change itself requires adaptation of the classic people management processes and so a fit-for-purpose administration. Some practices shall be revised:

  •  new way for staffing
  • adapted team leadership
  • empowered teams and a shared Leaders of Leaders™ style

The optimized operations together with the innovative organizational strategy bring another benefit: The improved company image

The company that believes in its human capital is considered as a strong player. Nowadays the principle of the famous McGregor Theory Y is more than valid.

The Economy of Teams™ is a new paradigm in the field of organizational strategy. You strive for the game of teams, right? The future of the labour market will step out of the individualism:

Vision of The Economy of TeamsTeams acting across companies ensure faster and higher ROI by minimizing organizational processes. Therefore, Teams strive for staying together, while companies aim at keeping them within their borders.

Consider Economy of Teams™ as your next long term investment. Envision stable work environment and a minimalistic organization. 

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