The Blue Bees’ Approach™

A Cost effective approach to Business Transformation. Manages the full ROI of the organizational change process.

When taking advantage of The Blue Bees’ Approach™ you built one consistent strategy and minimize the negative surprises. Learn more on how to apply this systematically.

At least once in 3-5 years period, the companies think about implementing a new organizational concept, a tool chain or maybe an integrated framework that fits better the environmental or team dynamics. Those could be a new company structure, a redesign of a function / divivision, introduction, CRM, ALM or other magic abbreviations. No matter if applied locally or globally, it impacts the way of work of the entire organization.

You are interested if you represent a company that plans an organizational or technical change. You would like to understand the cost of change and to have an organizational development strategy.

I. Business Transformation Program

The  Blue Bees’ Approach ™ enables the preparation of a strong and consistent business transformation strategy. The business transformation can be planed once the technical aspects of the change are defined. The expected changes are qualified and quantified in a way to induct materials for the business transformation flows. The early involvement of subject matter experts (who often are also informal leaders) facilitates the acceptance of the change.

II. Stakeholders

The business impact of the Changes on high organizational level needs to be evaluated by first level / middle level managers.

The business impact of the Changes on deep detail level needs to be evaluated by Subject Matter Experts since they require excellent understanding of the current way of work.

After the evaluation of the business impact, the communication and training plan is very often elaborated in cooperation with the HR department.

In any case, all stakeholders shall be prepared to dedicate time to the incoming change.

III. Business Transformation Strategy

The Business Transformation Strategy decides on

Organizational means:

  • the Change Management team
  • the means for Organizational Change Identification
  • the criteria for Organizational Impact Analysis
  • the flows of strategic planning

The Strategy defines also:

The main Realization Flows :

  • Organizational flow – defines the desired direction of structural changes and the potential of new roles creation / transformation of existing roles according to the business evolution;
  • Communication (PR) flow – defines the communication channels, means, types of auditory, the technical means used in the communication process, and so the communication team;
  • Training flow – defines the training types, the technical means used in the training process, and so the training team.

The business analysis used for Technical definitions is used to build a strong communication strategy and tailored training program.

IV. Organizational Change Identification

Usually the technical documentation is the main informational source of the process of identification of changes between the AsIs and the ToBe process.

V. Organizational Impact Analysis

The method leads the preparation of the predictable transformation of all organizational roles.

After the Organizational Changes Identification, all changes are evaluated according the list of standard and company specific criteria.

  • Examples
    • Impacted Organizational Process / Activity / Task / Role
    • Type of change (according business specifics)
    • Expected perception and level of resistance
    • Level of the impact (policy / process / standards / way of work)

VI. The Plan

The realization plan is build by:

  • planning the elaboration of the new organizational structure and processes;
  • deciding on the communication and the training approach of each identified change;
  • planning the communication and the training of each identified change.

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