What does not work in Bulgaria?

People are the same all over the world but they express differently. Beware of the following pitfalls when dealing with Bulgarians. They will be grateful that you recognize their need and will welcome you in their world.

Bulgarians are hospitable. They will try to show you their culture, their cuisine, their city, anything they think might be unknown for you as a foreigner.

Pitfall: You don’t have time. Better to do it next time.

Advice: Do not skip. Instead take a moment to show appreciation, for example ask to have a dinner together in a typical restaurant. After an hour you will feel how you enter unexpectedly in an inner cycle.

Bulgarians are curious about your foreign experience. They are eager to know more on your daily journey, what is important, what is not appropriated for you and your culture.

Pitfall: You might not receive any questions about you. You do not feel comfortable to talk about your culture and differences.

Advice: Their are different reasons for Bulgarians not to ask questions. Do not forget to talk about yourself even if they do not ask. You matter.

Bulgarians remain such even if you know more about each other. Getting more context is important for both sides. We all need time to change attitude and accept the differences.

Pitfall: Act like you already know each other.

Advice: Do not expect that Bulgarians will behave considering your point of view. Knowledge is still not understanding. After all you still do not behave according their expectations, do you?

Bulgarian professionals are active, still the way it is expressed might not be what you expect. You might see them staying quietly, no questions, no reaction.

Pitfall: You consider that they are not interested or they do not get the point. But beware that this behaviour might be misleading.

Advice: Do not urge to see the initiative. Instead give them time and space to adapt their mindset and prepare. Do not forget to show your intend and call for action. Keep calling.

Bulgarians value novelty. They are early adopters.

Pitfall: Putting Bulgarians in the queue to access latest technologies or information, letting them know the last on what are the trends and the strategy. For sure you might have good reasons to proceed this way.

Advice: Do not forget the advantages to have early adopters aboard. Show your new discovery, explain why you push for it and express clearly your expectations. Provide means for feedback, take your time and you might be nicely surprised.

Those are the most common pitfalls to avoid when stepping ashore in the Bulgarian cost.