Project Dashboard


An outsourcing company in Bulgaria developing and maintaining software products with main customer ASML, the largest supplier in the world of photo-lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. In 2017 the company had about 150 employees, software developers and integrators.


Each company, each client and each project have their specific constraints that Project managers shall deal with. The client was very good on delivering software quality following Scrum practices but at a phase of time struggling with budgeting and delivering on time.

A Project Dashboard was requested by the management in order to have visibility on potential problems while following Scrum methodology.


Project managers were not used to track the budget and so they resisted to prepare reports. Financial department had troubles to control budget spending and to collect payments.


The Project dashboard was defined on department level with:

  • Standard KPIs of budget status
  • Standard KPIs of budget forecast
  • KPI thresholds and tolerances
  • Step by step guides on how to collect data
  • Alert mechanism in the report

In the special cases where the Project managers’ resistance was strongest, the company management hired project coordinators to track budgets.


The report allowed the company management to take timely corrective actions where budget risks were identified.

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